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Life at Alyth Primary School and Nursery Life at Alyth Primary School and Nursery Life at Alyth Primary School and Nursery Life at Alyth Primary School and Nursery Life at Alyth Primary School and Nursery


Muddy Boots - P1 & P1/2 Trip (6 images)

Lots of fun in the sunshine for P1 and P1/2 with some carting and pig racing adding to a fantastic day

P4 Stone Age work (9 images)

P4 have been researching cave paintings in their topic about the stone age. Here's a few photos of them at work.

P6/7 Black Watch Museum Trip (10 images)

As part of their WWII topic the P6/7 classes visited the Black Watch Museum on Tuesday.

Alyth Primary - New School Build (21 images)

A little gallery of the school build progress. We'll update this as and when we're allowed to get more pics!

P1/2 Castle Life (8 images)

P1/2 are working on castles and have done a fantastic job of creating a castle in their classroom, complete with stained glass windows and a jail!

P 1/2 - Diwali teaching (12 images)

Primary 1/2 have been learning about the Hindu festival of light called Diwali. We have made our own Diva Lamps using clay and decorated them with paint, sequins and glitter.

P5 Bouyancy Task (11 images)

Primary 5 have been learning about buoyancy – they tested objects to find out if they floated or sank then applied what they had learned to a raft building challenge.

P5 Right Angle Hunt (6 images)

Spring Fayre 2016 (13 images)

P5 Sugar Smart (6 images)

Our learning outcome was to investigate how much sugar was in a selection of popular drinks. We were learning to analyse ingredient labels, use different kinds of scales to weigh and measure the amounts of sugar on each label and also used an app called SugarSmart to scan the barcodes of the drinks labels to find out sugar content. It was loads of fun!

Nursery Burns Day Fun! (5 images)

The nursery celebrated the birthday of Robert Burns yesterday with “wear something tartan” day. We had lots of fun! We looked at songs and poems, different tartans and their clans and also made our own tartan patterns!

P1/2 and P2 Trip to Glamis (4 images)

As part of their Life in a Castle topic, P1/2 and P2 recently visited Glamis Castle.

P6 Aerodynamics (8 images)

P6 have been learning about aerodynamics including gravity, wind resistance and streamlining. They made 4 different paper aeroplane designs and conducted a fair test to determine the best streamlined design. To learn about gravity and wind resistance they also designed and made parachutes. They wanted to find out if the size, material and shape of the parachute would have an impact on air resistance by reducing the speed the parachute fell.

P5/6 Country Dancing (4 images)

No dancing disaaaaasters here, strictly fun as the P5/6s enjoy a little country dancing lesson!

Remembrance Day Memorial 2015 (3 images)

Yesterday saw Mr Kinney and 15 girls and boys from the school head to the Alyth War Memorial to lay and wreath for Remembrance Day. Dylan and Callum laid the wreath whilst Lily recited the poem In Flanders Field by Major John McCrae.

P2 Life in a Castle (3 images)

The P2s are currently studying Life in a Castle as their topic this term. Have a look at their fantastic castle which they built in the classroom. They printed using sponges to make bricks on our castle wall. The castle even has a working drawbridge!

P5 and P6 Construction Challenge (5 images)

Primary 5 and Primary 6 took part in a skills based construction challenge to develop their co-operative learning and problem solving abilities. They were given a design brief to construct a bridge using a variety of different materials. They had to plan, construct, adapt and evaluate their work and present their finished product to their peers. We all had lots of fun!

P5 Jacobites - Killiecrankie/Blair Castle & Class Visit (16 images)

P5s went to visit Killiecrankie and Blair Castle as part of their Jacobite topic. They were also lucky enough to have a visit in class from Laurence Blair-Oliphant.

Superhero Cycle Day! - 20th March 2015 (15 images)

A few fantastic photos from the Superhero Cycle day on 20th March which saw the children dress up and take part in bike maths, cycle skills sessions and superhero/cycle themed lessons.