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Parent Council        

Office Bearers (L-R) Andrew Skea (Chair), Claire Robertson (Vice-Chair), Janet Wade (Secretary), Ali Dorwood (Treasurer)

Who are the Parent Council?

All parents/carers of a child at the school or nursery are part of the Parent Forum. Any parent or carer can then put themselves forward to be part of the Parent Council. You don’t need any special skills to take part. There are representatives of the teaching staff, and Councillors present too. This year has seen the merger of the Parent Staff Association and the Parent Council. 

Why become involved?

The Parent Council (registered charity noSC030602) is an excellent forum for supporting the school and the staff. Becoming involved in your children’s learning is one of the most important ways of making a difference to young people. It is an opportunity to influence decisions to be made and air issues of concern.

Some of the ways the Parent Council has been involved this year

  • Organised an informal “Meet and Greet” to allow parents to meet the school staff at the beginning of the school year.
  • Parental input was gathered for use in the development of the school vision statement and school handbook as well as discussions taking place on various school issues, i.e. new school build.
  • Assisted in the development and running of the new school website and Facebook page.
  • Ran numerous fundraising opportunities (this year as the PSA) including the Beetle Drive, Christmas Fayre and Coffee mornings raising valuable funds for the school. Money raised has provided transport for all school trips as well as the P7 leaving party along with gifts including books for the nursery leavers and P7 leavers.


Council meetings take place on the second Tuesday of every term with other meetings arranged when required. All parents/carers/staff are welcome to attend.

Other Ways to get involved

  • Would you like to help with fundraising? If you have a great idea for a fundraising event or would like to help out at one then please get in touch via the email address or Facebook page.
  • Do you have a job, interest or activity that the children would like to hear about? Parents have talked to the children about their interests/jobs i.e. policeman/mountain rescue to support various topics.
  • Parents also help with school trips, sports, cycle training, orchard planting, healthy eating, cooking, science, story telling, costumes, to name a few.


The constitution of the Parent Council is available here.

Office Bearers

Chair                Andrew Skea        
Vice-Chair Claire Robertson  
Secretary Janet Wade
Treasurer Ali Dorwood  

General Council members 

Parent Members                 

Staff Members                 

Ruth King

Chelsie Randall

Rachel Wands

Fiona Parker

Jill Steel

Louise Brown

Bec Barron


Gillian Smith


Pamela Luscombe


  Connie Letford (Headteacher)